Days 269-273 (the fisheye files)

My first wedding shoot is hours away and I’m feverishly over preparing. I travelled all around the south the past week and the hotels had little to no internet. So have a few photos. After this it’ll be wedding shots for a while.

Day 269: Self in Fisheye (note: a good friend from the Spartanburg Photo Guild loaned me a couple of nice lenses for the wedding. I have fallen in love with the fisheye lens.)

Self in Fisheye



Day 270: Bethel Assembly of God (note: again…fisheye)

Bethel Assembly of God




Day 271: The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away




Day 272: Howe’s Birdhouse

Howe's Birdhouse




Day 273: Through the Peephole (note: while in Lowe’s picking up supplies for the job this week, I bought a door peephole to use with my disposable camera for Snapshot Spartanburg at the Hub-Bub. I used it with my d7000 to get this very lo-fi fisheye)

Through the Peephole

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