Days 263, 264, 265 (hey that’s only 100 days left!)

I posted two to Flickr last night, but never got them posted here.  Anyway, I finally downloaded my trial of Photoshop last night and I made the triptych in it. I’ve also played around with some overlay stuff, but I don’t have that down quite yet. I know that I’ve reused a photo to make the triptych, but I’ve been waiting to be able to make that one and I think it turned out well. That should be it from the engagement session.  I’ll stop rambling…   enjoy.

Day 263: Complete Home Furnishings   (note: this building has been in two previous posts. It’s by far one of my favorite buildings in Spartanburg)

Complete Home Furnishings



Day 264: Spartanburg Arches (note: As Matt Blount pointed out on Flickr, this might be one of the signature shots of Spartanburg that almost everyone has. I hope that my treatment makes it look different enough and does it justice.)

Spartanburg Arches



Day 265: Blanket Triptych

Blanket Triptych

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One Response to Days 263, 264, 265 (hey that’s only 100 days left!)

  1. RKO says:

    Loving the Hangar. Looks like a postcard! Good eye!

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