Emptying the Queue

Cobblestone Street

Alright dear readers (or viewers) of this photoblog, I’ve fallen victim to complacency.  I had two weekends full of amazing adventures at the first of July.  I’ve been riding the fruits of those weekends through the remainder of the month.  As I creep up on the milestone of 200 days, I need to spur myself into shooting daily again.  Having said that, I can’t just keep all the great photos to myself.  So here you are dear readers, please click the following Flickr links to see the remaining photos from my Charleston and Hollywild Zoo adventures.

Charleston Slideshow

Hollywild Slideshow

Thanks for looking at my photographs and for all the support you’ve given me through this process.


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2 Responses to Emptying the Queue

  1. Christie says:

    SO enjoyed your slideshows. You gave me many smiles after a challenging day 🙂 Thanks!

  2. RKO says:

    These pictures are awesome. That one of Roz in black headpiece is beautiful!

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