Day 116: Aeroplane

Aeroplane by MatthewOsbornePhotography
Aeroplane, a photo by MatthewOsbornePhotography on Flickr.
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3 Responses to Day 116: Aeroplane

  1. Ok, Lets have some details on how you got this shot.

    • ttugeorocker says:

      I live near the Spartanburg Airport (at least close enough to see planes take off and land). I was out yesterday to get some shots of the epic clouds building. I pulled out the 70-300 and zoomed to 300 to get the detail of the clouds. I was just about to call it quits when I saw the pane climbing into the clouds and I snapped it. It’s kinda grainy because I had the ISO up to 800 accidentally, and I had to crop the original to make it a bit more interesting. Other than the crop, I played with the levels a little and that’s all the editing. I’m pretty happy with the final product.

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