Alter Oculus

I’ve joined up with a few other photogs to show the differences and similarities between four photographers experiencing similar sights.  The project is called Alter Oculus and the idea is to shoot the same areas from each of our different perspectives through photowalks and shared experiences.

Secondary to the shooting is processing.  Since I’m in SC and the other three are in Knoxville, this is where I will get to participate the most.  The idea here is to see how each of us post process the same set of photos.  I think it will get really interesting in this part of the project.  We’ll get to see four versions of the same photo that look completely different (or miraculously similar).  This part of the project will be a true study in the way we view the world and the photographs we take.

So enough with the talk and on to the project which can be viewed in it’s entirety on Flickr.  This week I shot three photos and a bracket for the project.  The photos were taken at the spring in Boiling Springs, SC.  Of the four available photos, three of us edited one of the single photos, and all four in the group edited the bracketed set.

Above are the original four photos straight out of the camera. As you can see, the photos were fairly poor quality and very flat.

Below are some of the results:

The Bracketed Shot

Alter Oculos Post Processing Project #1 - Scene 1 Edit by Adam Byram

Alter Oculos #1 - Photo by Matthew Osborne Edit by Chris Echols

Contrasty Edit by Patrick Minton

Boiling Springs HDR Edit by Matt Osborne

The Up The Tree Shot

Alter Oculos Post Processing Project #1 - Scene 2 Edit by Adam Byram

Alter Oculos #1 - Photo by Matthew Osborne Edit by Chris Echols

Cherry Blossom TreeEdit by Matt Osborne

It’s really interesting to see the way we each approached the two shots above, especially the lower shot.  Adam rotated and flipped the image and gave it a saturated bright look. Chris chose an interesting crop paired with a well used vignette for a classic feel.  I chose to rotate the image and go for the black and white look for contrast between leaves and sky.  Three completely different takes and the same scene.

Which do you like? Let me know in the comments section below and be sure to check out our flickr group and the flickr pages of each of these talented photogs I’m sharing this project with (hint: you can click on their names above to view their pages).

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